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Food Truck Festival in Greensboro

September 28, 2012


Last weekend some enterprising individuals brought some of the regions food trucks from Charlotte and Raleigh to the Greensboro area for a food truck festival to the Spring Garden and Chapman intersection. I don’t know if the organizors expected it do be as successful but man it was slammed! It looks like this is becoming a normal thing to the area, which brings some much needed innovation to the GSO food scene.

There were about 12 trucks serving burritos, sausages in baguettes, cakes, ice cream, sandwiches, dumplings, bbq, do I need to keep going? There was also music going at the Blind Tiger and at Sessions. Some random folks were hawking their ‘wares. All in all it was a really cool scene. I wish I would have brought more of a hunger to try more things.


Natty Greens was pouring some beers and there was a winery pouring vino. The blind tiger and Sessions were also serving beers. I thought I was going to have a bunch of smaller meals at multiple trucks but the lines were just too long and the serving sizes were pretty large. I found myself at the 1618 food truck for the some Korean braised pork tacos (what else?) with a side of truffle fries. It was fantastic and well worth the $8 bucks. Crappy pics, but I was shooting a pic with my phone while palming a beer and balancing all of it in a crowd. Did I mention there were hundreds of people here? Those hundreds of people made the lines for food 20 minutes plus.

Below is a link to the food trucks that will be set up during lunch and dinner hours during the week. It’ll be located by the Grasshopper stadium around Eugene and bellemeade streets.

Check it out!


Mariachi El Bronx

May 9, 2011

The Bronx is a punk/rock band from Los Angeles thats been making records since 2002. Their latest album released in 2009 is a complete change to their sound, mainly because they donned the tools of the Mariachi, thus using the alter ego El Bronx. It’s is an older album by modern music standards but it kicks major arse. Spin thought so too by naming it one of the top 40 albums of 2009 and its got ties to Mexican culture so its being reviewed here. Its kind of a new thing for us, but I’ve played the album while we were eating fish tacos on Cinco de Mayo and sipping on Kah Blanco so it reminded me to post it here.

A comment about it from frontman Matt Caughthran,

“[Mariachi El Bronx] was something that was a part of us that we didn’t really realize. I mean, being from Los Angeles and, you know, growing up and surrounded by Mexican culture, it just kind of happened […] We were writing two or three songs a day for that record, and the lyrics and everything just kind of shit out of all of us […] it was the funnest and easiest record we’ve ever made.”

That means go out and pick it up.