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We are finally settled in…

September 10, 2011

So, this week marks the first “normal” week I’ve had since moving up here. The last few weeks have been a hellacious romp of international travel, moving across state lines, starting a new job, running a triathlon (without training), driving back and forth all over the southeast with dogs, 2 hurricanes, and an earthquake. I’m sure there is something else hiding in there but I’ve been too busy to remember. With that said we’re going to be getting back into this blog thing, and quick.

I was thinking this morning about this site and what to do to make things more interesting when I had the idea to include some more information based posts, similar to the few I’ve done over the last week or so. I frequent a lot of tequila boards/sites so I thought some of the things I read there could be relevant here. Thus the mezcal post. Hopefully you guys will like it, if not let me know and we can change things up. There aren’t any rules here. We just want some good food, good drink and good health. Those don’t always go that well together but I’m a big fan of happiness, and happiness is healthier than exercising your ass off only to have a heart attack at 42.

One of the first topics is going to be about Tequila. Since you know how much I love me some tequila. We’re going to cover how to buy, how to read the labels, differences in brands, methods and distilleries and hopefully keep it both informational and fun.