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Greensboro food trucks

December 10, 2012


Friday for lunch, I had some seriously kick ass tacos, in Greensboro no less. At the corners of High Point rd and Hilltop in a small convenience store lot lies THIS taco truck. They craft a variety of authentic Mexican items but this particular day I was jonesing for tender meats from the Motherland (well someone else’s mother). I ordered 10 tacos (co-workers were eating them too, I’m not a pig…most days) Al Pastor, Lengua and Barbacoa. Every single one of them was delicious but the Lengua was the stand-out. By the way, there were no store bought tortillas here. The order took about 15 minutes to come out…they weren’t particularly busy but they handmade all the tortillas as they prepared everything. It doesn’t get much more fresh than that. Topped with cilantro and chopped white onion, it was exactly as the doctor ordered.

The pics below tell the story.20121205-153207.jpg

The Lengua. Easily the best of the bunch, so tender yet full of flavor. It’s what other cuts of meat dream of being. In this case it was chopped and lightly sauteed to near perfect blend of tenderness and slight “crunch” and with the fresh tortilla, it could be the best lengua I’ve ever had.

The Al Pastor was good, very good but it was a tad dry and slightly overcooked. This happens in the states because the health department mandates the meat be cooked twice when it’s carved from a spit (think of gyro meat). I didn’t see the spit but it’s highly possible they had one. The flavor was great if a little too crunchy for my liking.

The barbacoa while fantastically slow cooked and tender was bland in comparison. Many places really amp up the spices in barbacoa and this was pretty plain.


Bottomline…if you’re in the greensboro area you’ve got to try these tacos. Next trip (likely this week) I’ll cover tortas. A few of the guys in front of me ordered them and they looked fantastic. I’ve driven by the area a few times and they are usually out there around lunch and dinner most days. They don’t take credit cards so bring cash and if you can work a little Spanish into placing your order it would be greatly appreciated. English isn’t their first language and most of their patrons seem to be Mexican workers. Which is a sure fire way to know. This place serves up some killer food.


Food Truck Festival in Greensboro

September 28, 2012


Last weekend some enterprising individuals brought some of the regions food trucks from Charlotte and Raleigh to the Greensboro area for a food truck festival to the Spring Garden and Chapman intersection. I don’t know if the organizors expected it do be as successful but man it was slammed! It looks like this is becoming a normal thing to the area, which brings some much needed innovation to the GSO food scene.

There were about 12 trucks serving burritos, sausages in baguettes, cakes, ice cream, sandwiches, dumplings, bbq, do I need to keep going? There was also music going at the Blind Tiger and at Sessions. Some random folks were hawking their ‘wares. All in all it was a really cool scene. I wish I would have brought more of a hunger to try more things.


Natty Greens was pouring some beers and there was a winery pouring vino. The blind tiger and Sessions were also serving beers. I thought I was going to have a bunch of smaller meals at multiple trucks but the lines were just too long and the serving sizes were pretty large. I found myself at the 1618 food truck for the some Korean braised pork tacos (what else?) with a side of truffle fries. It was fantastic and well worth the $8 bucks. Crappy pics, but I was shooting a pic with my phone while palming a beer and balancing all of it in a crowd. Did I mention there were hundreds of people here? Those hundreds of people made the lines for food 20 minutes plus.

Below is a link to the food trucks that will be set up during lunch and dinner hours during the week. It’ll be located by the Grasshopper stadium around Eugene and bellemeade streets.

Check it out!

Rio Grande

March 23, 2012

Today a coworker and I were digging on some Mexican, well she was at least. I dig on Mexican all the time. Its been a while since we’ve gone out to lunch and we were in the mood for something new. We’ve been to a few places neaerby but none even worth mentioning here, today that changed.

I had checked out the menu online prior and it had promise, but it was also filled with all those typical cheese covered, pre-made salsa type dishes. While eyeing the menu I saw my ticket, Tacos Jalisco Style available in asada, pastor, chicken or carnita’s…Pastor please!



Well you should have known, but I ordered the Pastor AND carnita’s. They were made just how I like too, freshly chopped onion, cilantro, radish and double wrapped in corn tortilla’s. First up was the carnita’s. They were a little light on the amount of meat used but they were still great. You could make the case that they were slightly overcooked but I liked the crisp edges in contrast to the juicy meat inside that added a wonderful “homemade” feel to them. I ended up ditching  the second tortilla being that they weren’t too wet and the tortilla’s were pretty thick and soaked up all the flavors. I ended up doing this for all the tacos although the al pastor tacos were on the verge of busting for the last bite. The al pastor was phenomenal!  Wonderfully spiced with earthy dry flavors of achiote but still moist and sweet from the pineapple. These are a must get. In fact they could be the best in Greensboro…for now. Carnita’s 3.5/5, Al Pastor 5/5.

Everything was fresh, including the salsa and my coworkers veggie burrito was filled with squash and broccoli which also looked great. I didn’t try it but she enjoyed it. They had a decent tequila selection so my next visit will include beers and a shot…or two. Give this place a shot, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Apparently this place must be starting a trend. Soon you’ll see his face just like you see Soprano’s pics in Italian restaurants.



Rio Grande
6909 Downwind Road, Greensboro, NC
(336) 393-0524

Poblano’s Mexican Bar & Grill

October 22, 2011

Over the weekend we headed out for some Mexican and decided to try somewhere new. That place, was Poblano’s. You may already know how I feel about the standard Mexican Restaurant that plagues strip malls with their overly sweet margarita’s and the perennial Speedy Gonzalez lunch combo. I’ll save you from the rant about how these places give a false sense of what American’s think of as real Mexican food.  So it this place any different?

The location and decor would not tell you differently. Strip mall next to a grocery store, check. Bright color decor complete with beer ads and sombrero’s, check. I gotta admit, things are looking pretty grim. We were quickly seated which partially worried me that the place was almost empty but it was about 9pm on a Saturday and this place isn’t exactly in the thick of major commerce. In fact I think we saw multiple deer on the way there.

At the table we were greeted with an ad for a Cazadores Repo cocktail with fresh orange, lime and pineapple juice. How can the Cazadores de Taco NOT get Cazadores tequila? I mean this was the tequila that started it all for me. My first true intro to the world of agave. The ad was partially misleading since it wasn’t all mixed together.

5710 High Point Road
Greensboro, NC 27407

(336) 316-1212 ‎

El Milagros Torta’s – Greensboro

August 19, 2011


How about some killer Torta’s in the GSO area?…found em. Tonight I swung by El Milagro aka the Miracle Palace of torta’s. Some name huh? It’s a small place off High Point rd not to far from the Colosseum Complex. Inside it featured the standard bright orange paint and paintings of mountains and rancheros that family owned Mexican eateries usually have. Still, it was warm and inviting and reeked of tradition Mexican goodness. The other bonus? I didn’t see a Speedy Gonzales combo on the menu.

I had to get back home quickly so I waited while they boxed up my Tortas Milenese. They added some salsa verde to the box for a little extra spice, you know how us gringo’s cant handle the heat. Anyway it was damn tasty and refreshing from the usual taco’s that I’m always eating, like Groucho Marx always said “I like my cigar, but I take it out every once and a while.” The bread was fresh and perfectly crunchy and chewy right where it needed to be. A light swath of mayo, some pickled peppers, lettuce and tomato rounded this beastly sandwich out. The steak was prepared slightly different than I’ve usually had in this but it was still good although being a bit more crisp and dry than I would have preferred. That salsa hanging out in the corner of the pic? It had some heat going on there but that doesn’t stop Ole Johnny Boots, JB welcomes the challenge. So I put a little here, dipped there and just about killed the lil cup. It was actually nice being able to add the spice when I wanted, giving my mouth a break when needed. Unfortunately the fridge had no beer so it was washed down with some water but some tequila made an appearance for dessert. It should have been some Milagro but we’ll review that later.

All in all, check this place out. They’re friendly, serve good food and its a great deal. We’re gonna go with a 3.5 outta 5

El Milagro
3008 A High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC 27403