This page started as a journal of all things Mexican, food, drink and culture. A couple times a week I like to post on new recipes, restaurants, products and tequila’s that our inherent to Mexican culture. I’m not Mexican, I don’t plan on being Mexican so who gives a…sorry Ferris Bueller reference. We used to hail from Atlanta, now we’re cruising Greensboro. A recent move brought us to the GSO area and our fingers are a spreading through the town and here we’ll bring you the best, worst and notable.

I grew up in Socal and immediately fell in love with the food and Mexican culture. Walking home from school, you always passed by homes with wonderful scents of roasted meats and spice pouring out the windows and into streets. As I started living on my own, I always had this connection to Mexican cuisine and the fresh ingredients that permeate there. It became a passion to prepare authentic dishes complete with Mexican beers, cocktails and the finest tequila’s.

Speaking of tequila, that has morphed into it’s own nerdy realm for me.  As you’ll see here, we go out on treasure hunts to find new brands not available in our market and bottles that have since been discontinued or changed (usually for the worse).  Here we’ll give tons of info and tips for drinking and buying tequila so you can enjoy it as much as we do.

I hope you find the site entertaining, informative and fun. Please leave comments and let me know how I’m doing. Thanks for reading!


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