How to make your own tortilla chips…the easy way


This is my standard “making fresh chips” recipe. It doesn’t take to long and the taste blows the store bought crap out of the water. Usually I buy my tortilla’s, sometimes making them from scratch is just too much work even for me. When I buy them, I usually pick up a larger bag than I need specifically to make chips later. These always get rave reviews from friends and I typically get asked who’s brand are these…WIN!!!

So I pour some vegetable or canola oil in a frying pan and bring it to temperature. The I take 10 or so tortilla’s and cut them into quarters. When the oil is ready I throw a handful into the oil making sure they aren’t touching (or mostly not touching) and not covering each other so they cook evenly. When they start to take on a light golden hue I flip them. Be careful, they go from white to brown pretty quickly. Although the darker ones taste pretty damn good too. I’ll line a large bowl with paper towels and have some kosher salt and a few slices of lime handy. When they’re done cooking I take some tongs and try to shake most of the oil off them and drop them into the bowl. I throw a liberal amount of salt on them and squeeze some lime over top then shake them into the paper towel. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s that easy.


Make sure you use corn and not flour tortilla’s, otherwise you’ll end up with ritz crackers and dont worry about using too much salt most of it falls off the chips. They’re usually good for a few days so make a large batch. If your preparing them for company do them the day before or earlier and bag them in a paper bag so you have more time to prepare the other goodies. It’s that easy, now you have no excuse for not making fresh chips. Your salsa isn’t store bought, neither should your chips.


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