More bites from Austin…


After getting to my hotel I took a cab into downtown and got dropped off on the corner of 4th and Colorado Streets since I wanted to try Frank, the gourmet, artisinal hot dog joint. After stuffing an antelope, rabbit and pork hot dog covered in siriachi and huckleberry compote in my piehole and washing it down with a cold beer and some of the best waffle fries I’ve ever had I made my walk to the convention center where I had to install some lighting in an exhibit. I walked past Chi-Lantro, a Korean taco truck. How could I pass this up? The dilemma was I was full from eating just 5 minutes earlier. I can always make room for tacos!

While I would have loved to try the short rib or tofu taco’s, I opted for the spicy pork belly. Shazaam this was some good eating. I was almost angry at myself for being to full. It was a pretty simple taco. Pork belly topped with cabbage and a slightly sweet spicy sauce wrapped up in a corn tortilla. It was worth every bit of the $2.50 I paid.

The guy working the truck said they usually set up around 5th and Colorado so check them out if you’re heading onto 6th st for an evening of debauchery.


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