Don’t mess with Texas




Work brought me to Austin, Texas for an in one day out the next trip and I was dying to get some time cruising Austin since I’ve never been. Outside of seeing a the city and getting a vibe for some of the eats, I always like to fit in a little bottle hunting. Unfortunately I was only able to get out for about an hour and a half and in that time I scarfed down The Jackalope at Frank, some Carnita’s street tacos at the sports bar in the Marriott and a spicy pork belly taco at a Korean Taco stand. I did however find these little gems. I was tempted to try a whole bottle but I really didn’t have enough room in my suitcase and I hadn’t heard much about the brand to give it a go.

A little research found this is an Austin based brand (curious how many bars stock this in Austin?) that is made in Mexico at NOM 1457 with lowlands agave’s cooked in stone ovens and distilled in stainless pots. It is one of a few Mexican distilleries that is organic. Tasting notes are below.

Blanco. Nice nose but not a ton of agave, notes of citrus and salt with some parmesan, which is a first for me. Beautiful pearls that start tight and get fat and gooey. Upon first sip you get this nice warming feeling with some alcohol which is very pleasant and it completely coats the mouth with an oily sweetness. It was a decent sipper but not too complex, given the price (around $30) I don’t think you’d feel it was money wasted. Slightly sweet but not cloying. 2 outta 5

Reposado. Mediocre nose that builds off the blanco. Twirling in the glass brings some sloppy fat pearls that don’t hold the same portrait as the blanco. This would explain why the oily nature is gone in the aged versions. Yeasty, bbqed pork, almost more like the crispy skin rather than the meat and slightly earthy on the nose. Taste has some sweetness but with some of that old tequila style flavor with more agave than the blanco. Smokey tobacco and toasted bread. 3 outta 5

Anejo. Light nose almost non existent with a touch of sweetness. There’s a definite family flavor profile going on here. The pearls develop like the blanco, slow and tightly forming proceeding into fat drippy globs. All the taste is in the finish, that typical anejo sweetness and a tingling mouth feel. A quick finish brings banana and more alcohol hotness than any of the other ages. I also got some acidic notes like pineapple in that finish as well. 2 outta 5

Overall I cant say I’d order online or pick up another bottle next time I came to town. It was good, but not great. Like so many tequila’s I enjoy other brands better in this price point. My pallet has driven me to a few brands that I’d buy over and over again and while I would order a glass at a bar next time I’m in town, a bottle is off my list.



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