Mexican Stone Ground Chocolates

A few weeks ago at the market I spotted these Dark Mexican Chocolates in 3 interesting flavors (Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Guajillo Chili) and had to pick them up. They’re stone ground, mexican-style, organic and direct trade from Taza Chocolate’s in Massachusetts. It’s not the real deal but I dare you to prove them wrong. They’re on the pricier side, about $5 per 2.7oz puck but you can eat them as is or melt them down into mexican drinking chocolate which if you haven’t had, you wont ever drink our hot-chocolate ever again. They’re all 50% dark cocoa and made with Oaxacan stone mills. Because of the style and differences in manufacturing to our run-of-the-mill chocolates it has a grainy texture that starts odd but you will quickly appreciate it. How’s it taste? the flavors are all very subtle. I expected the Guajillo chili to be hotter but at first bite you almost couldn’t taste it until this slight heat creeps up on the finish. Nicely done but it left me wanting a bit more chili flavor. Maybe those Habanero cookies ruined me. The cinnamon was great, this would be the one to melt down and drink. The flavors worked great together, like peas and carrots. The vanilla was the most enjoyable to eat as-is. It had this wonderful light sweetness combined with the dark chocolate that was really pleasing.

If you can find them, check them out.


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  1. elcazadordetaco Says:

    For some reason I keep forgetting to link pics.


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