Poblano’s Mexican Bar & Grill

Over the weekend we headed out for some Mexican and decided to try somewhere new. That place, was Poblano’s. You may already know how I feel about the standard Mexican Restaurant that plagues strip malls with their overly sweet margarita’s and the perennial Speedy Gonzalez lunch combo. I’ll save you from the rant about how these places give a false sense of what American’s think of as real Mexican food.  So it this place any different?

The location and decor would not tell you differently. Strip mall next to a grocery store, check. Bright color decor complete with beer ads and sombrero’s, check. I gotta admit, things are looking pretty grim. We were quickly seated which partially worried me that the place was almost empty but it was about 9pm on a Saturday and this place isn’t exactly in the thick of major commerce. In fact I think we saw multiple deer on the way there.

At the table we were greeted with an ad for a Cazadores Repo cocktail with fresh orange, lime and pineapple juice. How can the Cazadores de Taco NOT get Cazadores tequila? I mean this was the tequila that started it all for me. My first true intro to the world of agave. The ad was partially misleading since it wasn’t all mixed together.

5710 High Point Road
Greensboro, NC 27407

(336) 316-1212 ‎


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