The Batanga

With a recipe this easy, I’m almost ashed to post it. I found this by the way of, a great website filled with video reviews of tequilas, drink recipes and other things Mexicano. I followed their recipe down to mixing it with a big ass knife. Check out the recipe and check out TasteTequila for the story behind the drink and the man who invented it.

Using a lime wedge, coat the rim of the glass. Dip the rim into some salt and squeeze 1/2 of a lime into the glass then fill with ice. Pour a generous amount of Blanco tequila (about halfway) and top with cola. I used Mexican coke, dont be lazy and go find some. Stir the whole thing with a big knife.

You’ll notice I used Jarritos Mexican Cola and El Ultimo Agave Blanco. I’ve never been a fan of salted rims but this thing is damn tasty. It’s almost too bad it wasn’t a hot summer day because this is really refreshing. So refreshing in fact I made another but used 3 Amigo’s Reposado. This was just over the top and will definitely become my go-to coke and tequila cocktail. I also tried to stick the biggest knife i had in the glass but the neck was too small so that carving knife had to do. Supposedly it adds flavor. Something this good, I’ll believe anything.


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One Response to “The Batanga”

  1. Grover Says:

    Awesome! I love that you used the knife! That’s the spirit!

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