Pure 100% Mexican Cocaina…I mean Coca-Cola

Like I mentioned previously with the Mexican Market Squirt, I also grabbed some Mexican Market Coca-Cola. This stuff has been pretty common since a bunch of gringo’s figured out it’s substitution of high fructose corn syrup with actual sugar was the real deal. Farmer’s Market style grocers and Costco have been carrying it for some time. I think it’s more than just the sugar though. It’s only available in glass bottles which adds to the nostalgia and allure. Just put this bottle and a can of Coca-Cola in front of anyone and they’ll immediately go for the bottle. Even those of us who grew up in a time where Coca-Cola was only available in plastic or aluminum. Somehow, whenever you get the off chance to get Coca-Cola in a glass bottle it always feels special, corn syrup or not.

I did a side by side with a U.S. bottle of coke to accurately see how different they are. You ought to feel special, glass bottles U.S. style aren’t easy to come by. Immediately after opening the Mexican bottle I stuck my nose in it and got such a fresh aroma from it. You can smell the caramel and a sort of mintiness. The nose almost smells like those gummy cola candies you used to see. It has a very clean taste that’s just different than the American bottle and it’s very crisp like there is more carbonation. It’s very enjoyable and actually more refreshing.

The American bottle…tasted exactly like you thought it would. Side by side it has a syrupy sweetness that’s almost offending to the Mexican market bottle. It also looses the fresh crisp taste the Mexican has. I also couldn’t pull out the citrus and cinnamon in the U.S. bottle. I will say though that the bottle is a definite improvement over the cans and plastic bottles we normally get. So if you cant get a Mexican coke, try to sub it with a glass U.S. bottle.

Although sweet, I’ve always had a thing for Rum and Coke. Easy to make, easy to drink and damn tasty. I might have had about 200 too many during college and had since sworn them off but every once and a while, now and again, I get a hankering for one. Although I’ve since changed my recipe to always include lime, ala Cuba Libre and often Coke Zero instead. My fat ass isn’t getting college thin anytime soon.

So with this Cola au natural, I had to try mixing up a Cuba Libre, I mean how could you not? Especially when you’ve got a bowl full of limes and some white rum. I’m not going to bother providing a recipe ’cause…I didn’t use one. A little of this, a little of that and bam! you’ve got a cocktail. What kind of alchy would I be if I needed a recipe to make a cocktail using only 2, maybe 3 ingredients? In the old days, this would have been a glass full of rum with a splash of coke for color and if I was feeling fancy, a garnish of lime but we’ve since graduated and we make proper cocktails. Hell look at the reviews of tequila’s. In college it would have been Montezuma, not even Cuervo in my bar. 100% agave, what the hell is that?

All I can say is…damn, that’s a mighty fine cocktail.


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