The Tequila Whisperer

Would you take tequila recommendations for that guy? I sure as hell do. In fact, he’s guided my pallet to some stellar juice. I’ve been watching Lippy the Tequila Whisperer for about a year now and realized outside of mentioning him a few times throughout some tequila reviews here, I haven’t really given him his due. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about all things agave and has some of the most entertaining reviews, well ever. Each show is a great mix of music, pop culture, tequila, and chat that goes every direction you can imagine. His site is filled with archives that let you look at older shows but the real gold is in the live shows where you can log in and chat along with the Lip while he tastes this weeks victims. He answers all the fan questions and it allows the show to flow into new and exciting places. On top of all that he’s answered and guided a ton of my questions on purchases, tequila history, NOMs, etc. He really wants you to know and enjoy tequila as much as he does. Check it out, you wont be sorry. Live shows are Thursdays at 7pm pacific. See you in the chat.


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