Downtown Raleigh City Fest and Jiberra Tequila Bar

Last night we decided to run down to Raleigh for their CityFest series, Sebastian Bach was playing along with a couple of other bands. It was $5 bucks, how could you not go? It was a fun time, the shows were a blast and the music was wide ranging, from the styling of Bach’s hair metal and the beach music/70’s rock-pop of Nantucket to the opening bands nu-metal vibe and House of Fools jam band/folksy sound . Although nothing I listen to, a five dollar concert is a five dollar concert, I don’t care who’s playing.



As usual, the topic of drinking…and eating…and drinking some more came up. So afterwards we decided to talk the short walk to Jibarra, a tequila lounge. By the time we had gotten there, around 11pm it was all bar, dj, and dancing so we didn’t eat and didn’t drink…a lot. I had an hour ride home so I stuck with a single glass of Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia. This is a bottle I’ve heard such a wide range of opinions on and this was the first place that didn’t have it listed for $20+. Thankfully they served it properly in a large snifter with not a hint of lime or salt. At first I was just getting a ton of alcohol and caramel out of it but after letting it sit for about ten minutes it started to open up into a complex bloom of agave, caramel, oak and citrus. It had some great pearls and legs and had a nice entry with a touch of that alcohol bite and numbing. At first maybe a bit too much but it softened over time. I enjoyed it’s caramel and vanilla sweetness as well as it’s retention of agave without an overpowering oakiness. I believe these are aged in bourbon barrels as I was picking up a bit of bourbon but I’ll have to look into that further as a quick search didn’t bring the info I was looking for. It is rounded out by a slightly heated finish that has staying power and was quite enjoyable, as was the overall experience of drinking this.

The entire time I wasn’t sold on this being a $90+ bottle, in fact the prices for it are all over the place. I’ve seen as low as $75 and as high as $150. I can easily say you would be overpaying at anywhere in that range. If this was $45-55 I would purchase it no questions asked but frankly there are anejo’s that are far better for way less green. 3 outta 5

Jibarra was a nice place but I couldn’t really get a vibe from it as a tequila bar or restaurant as it was club time when we walked in. They had a DJ spinning with disco lights and so forth which is why my pics came out like crap. Next time we’ll head back during the day for a proper review and go back for dancing at night.

-Another Raleigh sidenote, it looks like another tequila bar is headed your way shortly. Calavera, a tequila bar that is claiming to be serving “Killer Empanada’s” is set to open any day now. We drove by the location and I immediately jotted it down to memory for a later date. Greensboro’s not so hot on the tequila as Raleigh and Charlotte so I have a feeling we’ll be visiting these two towns frequently.






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