The “Real” Paloma

I was at the Super G mart, that gigantic Asian market off New Garden last weekend and I came across some Mexican Squirt. Now I’ve seen Mexican market Coca-Cola, but I’ve NEVER seen Squirt. If your not familiar with Mexican market soft drinks, Coke is the most well known and desired. In the U.S. the soft drink manufacturers, mainly Coca-Cola use High fructose corn syrup to sweeten their cola’s and soft drinks. In Mexico, for whatever reason Coca-Cola and other soft drinks are made with real sugar. Well a couple of gringo’s caught on to this and there’s been this small black market for the stuff. Then it got big, like BIG, and Costco and other retailers started carrying it and you bet they marked the stuff up too. I’ve seen it for upwards of $2 a bottle, and speaking of that bottle, you guessed right, it’s glass. So now you can add this whole nostalgia to it. Glass + real sugar + Coke nerds = the same people getting fatter off Coke, it’s just done with sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup.

Anyway, I scored some Coke and Squirt for that matter at the Super G mart. It was around $1.50 a bottle and while I’ll be reviewing the Coke later, with and without rum. Today we’re looking at the Paloma. Now I used the same recipe as previously posted here but with this fancy new Squirt, not that Italian crap I got from Whole Foods. Dont worry, if you cant find Mexican Squirt that crap from Whole Foods makes a damn fine cocktail. It’s just pink…and comes from Whole Foods…hippie.

The Paloma
3 oz. Reposado Tequila
6 oz. Mexican Squirt
1/2 Lime, juiced

Mix the above ingredients and pour over ice, garnish with a lime.

How’s it taste? Fantastic. I don’t know if it was the different tequila used or the Squirt but this is just groovy. Last time I used Muchote Reposado Tequila, which is a killer brand if you haven’t had it. Lately I’ve been using El Charro repo and it just falls flat in the cocktail. It was $12 bucks, what did you expect? Tonight I dropped some Don Agustin repo (look down 3 posts for the review) in there and it shined. Bringing the highball up to my nose immediately brought out the agave and vanilla. It’s like the Squirt supercharged the tequila’s characteristics and made me keep drinking it, all the way until the damn thing was gone! So I made another…and another, and had to finish this post in the morning…with coffee, sans tequila. A great tasting note on the Squirt is that it starts with a crispness not found in American market soda. It then follows with a soft, sweet creaminess that’s delightful. I never thought I like Squirt…until I had this. I’ve been drinking off the leftover contents in the bottle and could easily see picking this up every once and a while. Unlike the 2 times I’ve had regular Squirt. Either way, go find some of this Squirt. I’ve heard that some online retailers and selling it if you cant find it locally and go whip up some Paloma’s




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