Meet my friend Don


Ahh Don, probably the least known of the “don” tequilas. he doesn’t get much love, at least in distribution and marketing but thats why he’s such a find. I’ve only seen 3 places in Georgia stock Cava de Don Agustin and the prices have ranged from 25 to 40 dollars, they’re all repo’s. All this time I’ve been intrigued but for some reason never pulled the trigger. Recently while looking for treasures I came upon this bottle, it came as a gift pack with a smaller brother of blanco. Now I’ve heard amazing things about the blanco and pretty good things about the repo. This pack was 25 bucks so that pretty much sealed the deal. The question is… Is it drinkable?

The blanco. Right off the bat, this is tasty juice. I’m wishing I could find a bottle already as this 200ml bottle is going to go fast. On top of that I’ve never seen a blanco…anywhere, not even online. Although it’s possible that I’m not looking hard enough. It pearls nicely and the nose is filled with this sweet, yet earthy agave goodness with just a touch of heat. On the pallet it’s creamy with a nice chewiness that coats your mouth. There is also a hint of mint along with the crisp agave and vegetal notes. This is def. becoming a favorite blanco. 4 outta 5

The Repo. The line definitely holds the flavor profile from the unaged to the aged. All the initial flavors from the blanco appear here with the addition of the wood. There is a great earthy creaminess in this with the addition of some spice too. The spice is more along the lines of a vegetable based spice, pepper but more vegetal. 3.5 outta 5

Now I’ve seen the repo at 3 places and around online. If you pay $30…good deal, anything more than $35 is a bit much, there are other repo’s I’d prefer. Same goes for the Blanco, 25-30 bucks is where this should be, maybe 35 if your in a pinch. Keep in mind, both ages are still superior to the Patron, Avion type premium labels. So go out and look for it, maybe you’ll find this and other treasures along the way. Did I mention I found this combo in South Carolina on a recent drive? Unfortunately in the southeast you have to hunt for decent bottles, otherwise your stuck with the same 10 labels and a few alternatives.



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