El Milagros Torta’s – Greensboro


How about some killer Torta’s in the GSO area?…found em. Tonight I swung by El Milagro aka the Miracle Palace of torta’s. Some name huh? It’s a small place off High Point rd not to far from the Colosseum Complex. Inside it featured the standard bright orange paint and paintings of mountains and rancheros that family owned Mexican eateries usually have. Still, it was warm and inviting and reeked of tradition Mexican goodness. The other bonus? I didn’t see a Speedy Gonzales combo on the menu.

I had to get back home quickly so I waited while they boxed up my Tortas Milenese. They added some salsa verde to the box for a little extra spice, you know how us gringo’s cant handle the heat. Anyway it was damn tasty and refreshing from the usual taco’s that I’m always eating, like Groucho Marx always said “I like my cigar, but I take it out every once and a while.” The bread was fresh and perfectly crunchy and chewy right where it needed to be. A light swath of mayo, some pickled peppers, lettuce and tomato rounded this beastly sandwich out. The steak was prepared slightly different than I’ve usually had in this but it was still good although being a bit more crisp and dry than I would have preferred. That salsa hanging out in the corner of the pic? It had some heat going on there but that doesn’t stop Ole Johnny Boots, JB welcomes the challenge. So I put a little here, dipped there and just about killed the lil cup. It was actually nice being able to add the spice when I wanted, giving my mouth a break when needed. Unfortunately the fridge had no beer so it was washed down with some water but some tequila made an appearance for dessert. It should have been some Milagro but we’ll review that later.

All in all, check this place out. They’re friendly, serve good food and its a great deal. We’re gonna go with a 3.5 outta 5

El Milagro
3008 A High Point Rd
Greensboro, NC 27403


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