Herradura Reposado

Ah Herradura repo, this brands been talking to my wife since we first had it back in February. Shortly thereafter I purchased her a bottle of their Anejo. Its pretty damn good and its reviewed here, if your into hints of oak, bourbon and banana in your tequila you would love it. Fortunately, the repo is closely related.

Upon pouring and getting a breath of that oak-filled nose with huge hits of that same banana from the Anejo. Its more like a sweetened banana, like runts. You can tell that they age it in previously aged bourbon barrels. Already it sounds like I’m describing the Anejo and thats how close these two are. The repo seems to have a bit more of that agave sweetness on the nose and some defined caramel notes. I’m also picking up a bit of carbonated root beer, some underlying floral notes and a hint of licorice.

For the mid-30’s price that this bottle typically goes for its a good deal but watch out as this bottle can go for upwards of $40+ and for that price there are simply superior tequila’s. So unless you’ve got a hankering for Herradura I would normally pull out an extra finski and go for something in the $40 range that I know I’ll trade my firstborn for. Its a tasty sipper and will make some great cocktails where your looking for that sweet yet oaky finish. 3 outta 5  





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