Tequila de Muertos take 2

Ahh such beautiful bottles Kah has. This ain’t no little red riding hood story either. This is our second Kah purchase, the first being their wonderful blanco reviewed here. So I guess it’s a matter of time before their over-proofed repo lands in our stash. Which would make this the second brand in which we have all the ages in (the other being Casa Noble). Its refreshing to see a new line thats picking up accolades and a fan base like Kah has been doing. Just look at the tequila forums and blogs out there and you will find nothing but praise.

There is no doubt that the bottle will sell this without any awards although it’s won a few (Spirits of Mexico, best anejo 2010) and speaking of that bottle. Wow, that’s classy, cool, unique, eye-catching…you name it. All of this beauty is showcased in hand blown and painted bottles that are filled with lowlands NOM 1472 tequila. The only drawback to the bottle is the plastic cap and synthetic cork. Typically I toss my synthetic corks for a natural one but for some reason I haven’t with my Kah bottles. One draw back to the bottles is that they are somewhat clumsy to manage. They’re odd to get a handle on and pour, something you’ll be doing a lot of when you get this juice. When they’re full pulling the tight cork out can result in some being spilt :O Either way these are beautiful bottles and you’ll be quickly serving them if your friends see them in your bar.

Immediately cracking the bottle open I got some grape and mint on the nose. I almost thought I was smelling a blanco if I hadn’t known about the copper hue lurking below in that black vessel. After pouring I got some big fat slow pearls that upon breaking ran fast and cascaded across the top. The color is a beautiful silky copper. I’m still getting the mint and grape on the nose along with some bourbon (it’s aged in lightly used bourbon barrels btw). There’s a slight earthiness along with some oak too. The body is slightly perfumed but you get that cooked caramelized agave that I didn’t nail on the nose. There is also some fruit that I’m not discerning, either banana, grape or…both?The earthiness and some vegetal notes come through on the pallet and the finish stays around to politely say good bye.

Over all I really enjoy these Kah bottlings. The repo will definitely be a future purchase. 4.5 outta 5 


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