Treasure Bottle Scouting through Atlanta


This morning I filled the car up with gas, got a haircut (no shave) and planned a drive through Atl hitting some of the bigger stores througout the area to try and see whats out there along with seeing if any treasures in dusty bottle heaven were to be found. I wanted to hit some of the bigger stores for selection purposes as opposed to mom and pops that would have those top shelf, hidden away for years type bottles but anything I passed, I stopped. The findings…well interesting.

My first stop was  Pearson’s in Buckhead. Great prices all around and some interesting tequila’s. Buscadores, Fina Estampa, Casa Noble, Centinala and some Boomsma Genever. All brands that aren’t at your generic store. I’ll definitely be hitting this place up again. In fact I’m debating letting the secret of porcelain bottles of Casa Noble Repo out there. A+

Next I hit Mac’s on Peachtree Place in Midtown. They had a good selection and great prices outside of their Los Danzantes Mezcal for $70 bucks!!! Holiday Package in Norcross has the same bottle for $40. Other than this anomaly the place is great all around. Green’s was just down the street off Ponce so I hit there next. They had an expanded line than most including Tuthilltown spirits (rye and whiskey’s, but they’re so damn good), Tequila Ocho, etc. Green’s has enough business that they dont have old bottles laying around but I was looking for some new brands I haven’t found near me. The buford location has Siete Leguas Blanco which is some killer juice, ponce didn’t have it.

I stopped by Tower off Piedmont as they had some great specials running for May. Herradura is going for 30/33/36 for their lineup, El Jimador is on special and El Charro blanco and repo is going for $12 bucks. I previously tried the repo and dug it as margarita fodder as well as a el cheapo sipper. I was hoping the same for the blanco, all is true. They also had the best prices on Partida, which is changing distilleries and thus becoming a modern treasure bottle in the making.

After Tower I ran up through Buckhead and Brookhaven and hit a couple places with no glaring treasures. A couple of El Jimador squatty bottles both sazerac importer and a metal label anejo. The price on these didn’t justify a purchase even though it’s treasure. There was also a 2006 Jose Cuervo Reserva for about $92 but who are we kidding. Earlier in the day I was buying a $12 tequila, buying a $92 tequila is just insane.

At the end of the day I was happy to see most of the prices inline with the exception of a few $60 bottles of Herradura Anejo. My wife loves the stuff but $60 it ain’t. I’ve been compiling a list of this stuff so contact me if your looking for anything, I accept paypal for a finders fee.


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