Jalisco Sunshine

My wife bought a box of tangerines today and I just so happened to be dying for a cocktail. Knowing that half the box was going to get tossed I had to come up with something to knock down a couple of them with booze. I was thinking of neat names for it but  it was so bright and clean in the glass it needed something with sunshine in the title. Being that it had tequila in it, I figured this was a no brainer. The following was the result.


tangerine (1/2 for juice and 1/2 for tangerine slices)
2 sprigs fresh lavender
1 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. silver tequila
crushed ice
club soda


Slice the ends off of your tangerine and using a small spoon insert between the flesh and skin of the tangerine. Once you’ve separated the flesh from the skin cut from one of the cut ends to the other in order to remove the skin. Remove the pith from both the flesh and skin and set aside skin to make your twists. Cut the flesh in half, juice one of the halves into your glass and cut up the other half before placing it in the glass. Add your lavender leaves and simple syrup and lightly muddle. Pour in your tequila and top with crushed ice. Pour a splash of club soda on top and using an extra sprig of lavender place in the glass. Lay your tangerine twist across the top of the crushed ice and serve.

Making your tangerine twist.

Take the tangerine peel that you set aside and tightly roll it up. Using a pairing knife slice into coins. Unroll and your have your twist. There are some great videos on youtube that can show you how to do this better that a bunch of text. Its a pretty easy trick that almost no one knows how to do and it really presents your cocktails with a bang.


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