Avion Tequila Flight

While cruising around NYC this last week I noticed the bulk of bars around the Union Square area don’t have killer tequila selections. I saw the usual suspects; Patron, Jose and some Sauza’s but the real bread and butter of 100%’s was seriously lacking. About the 3rd night we swung by a bar and saw a couple of squat clear bottles next to the Patron. Bingo…Avion. I’ve wanted to try this brand but was hesitant due to it’s Patron-esque marketing campaign and its cast in the HBO series “Entourage.” Being that I was with my entourage I had to give it a shot.

You could say I had a flight but these were serious pours in low-ball glasses that were easily double that of a standard pour. I guess it gave me enough to decide whether I really liked it or not.  This is a highlands tequila brought to you via NOM 1416, which also distills Campo Azul and the much lauded Clase Azul all of which have reputations as sweeter, grassy tequila’s. The agaves are roasted in brick ovens and distilled in copper stills.

The Blanco- Lots of agave and grassiness on the nose. A little sweet with citrus hints and an over all bright clean nose while being a bit thick. All of this translates to the pallet with a little fruit and pepper. Its a tad on the hot side but still an easy sipper. Much like Patron I think this is being marketed to the shots/mixer crowd. Speaking of Patron, this blows Patron Silver out of the water but still the price (about $35) is a little high for this bottle. I enjoyed it but not enough to run out and get a bottle immediately. 3 outta 5

The Repo- Its pretty much a carbon copy of the blanco but the oak aging smooths out the edges and adds a bit of cinnamon and vanilla on the nose. It carries over the sweetness thats seen throughout the line but isn’t very complex. Its very smooth but lacks character and the agave seems distant. 2.5 outta 5

The Anejo- Although I liked this better than the repo and its still a nice spirit I felt bored drinking it. I’d probably place this behind the blanco as my favorite in the line but its by no means bad. The vanilla and spice from the repo are even bigger due to the extra aging. Its very smooth with a bit of pepper that reminds you its tequila, that spicy hotness on the tongue and finish. I dont remember any agave but I do the sweetness. Its perhaps a bit too sweet for me, in actuality the whole line is overly sweet but this is what will appeal to the shots/mixing crowd, not the sippers. 3 outta 5

Overall a good brand that would be better if it was about $10 bucks cheaper per expression. $25/30/35 seems a more fair price but when you want to appear as an ultra-premium the price hike is needed for image. The bottles look great, they’re nice and clean albeit the “affliction” type logo that will surely attract the “bro” crowd. I don’t wear white framed sunglasses, at night, in a bar, with a flat brimmed hat so maybe its just not my brand.

Apparently Vinny and Sasha like it,


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