Off to the big apple

This weekend I’m heading to NYC to hook up with some family, friends and cruise the streets with a hunger for street food. We’ll also be checking out ICFF International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Its a killer show if your into all the newest and trendy furniture, lighting and home accessories. I’d also like to swing by Park Avenue liquors since they provided me with the much loved Casa Noble 7 year XA and I’m sure there will be a Yankee game thrown in there too. The Yanks are playing the Bosox this weekend so you couldn’t ask for a better match up. We also are planning to hit MOMA to get an overdose of art/design but in between is where all the special things happen. Thats right, street food. The pizza, monster sandwiches, satay, falafel, shawarma and not to mention the infamous hot dogs in urinal water.

Hopefully we’ll get some Mexican while we’re here. I’ve scoped a few restaurants and tequila bars out but were jamming a lot in very little time as is life in a big city. I cant help but think how small Atlanta is in comparison to New York but at least I know where to get some great taco’s in hot-town. Posts will resume the middle of next week as if I didn’t give you enough over the last 2 weeks to keep you busy drinking and eating. We both should be in food coma’s by now.



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