Mariachi El Bronx

The Bronx is a punk/rock band from Los Angeles thats been making records since 2002. Their latest album released in 2009 is a complete change to their sound, mainly because they donned the tools of the Mariachi, thus using the alter ego El Bronx. It’s is an older album by modern music standards but it kicks major arse. Spin thought so too by naming it one of the top 40 albums of 2009 and its got ties to Mexican culture so its being reviewed here. Its kind of a new thing for us, but I’ve played the album while we were eating fish tacos on Cinco de Mayo and sipping on Kah Blanco so it reminded me to post it here.

A comment about it from frontman Matt Caughthran,

“[Mariachi El Bronx] was something that was a part of us that we didn’t really realize. I mean, being from Los Angeles and, you know, growing up and surrounded by Mexican culture, it just kind of happened […] We were writing two or three songs a day for that record, and the lyrics and everything just kind of shit out of all of us […] it was the funnest and easiest record we’ve ever made.”

That means go out and pick it up.


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