tequila de muerte!

Kah Blanco, if this isn’t the most unique bottle you’ve ever seen…your drinking better stuff (or worse) than me. Usually fancy bottle equals swill but Kah is the exception, at least the blanco anyway. I haven’t been able to taste the rest but its been winning awards and accolades around the states since it was introduced last fall. Its been hitting stores in the south for the last 2 months and word is all the first bottlings are shipped. If this changes NOM’s it’ll be an instant treasure, so grab them while you can.  All ages are hand blown and painted by artisans so even though they look alike no two are the same…or some marketing BS. Cost should be about $40 but Olde Crabapple Bottle Shop has them for $35 so look them out. Onto the juice.

The nose on this is pure agave, this is great juice already. Its a lowlands tequila so expect a more earthy, vegetal feel and its done in modern methods of stainless ovens and stills and extracted with a shredder. So much agave and grassiness (word?) with notes of citrus. Twirling produces pearls and tears that aren’t long or fast but just right. The taste is immediate agave with bits of mint thrown in. This is really enjoyable juice, for $35 we’ll be buying more and the other ages too. Its a great sipper thats easy to drink but complex enough that you wont get bored.

Bottom line? Buy it. Its great juice and it definitely doesn’t hurt that the bottle is beautiful. You’ll want to buy all 3 (a fourth is coming, XA covered in swarovski crystals) just so you have a matching set. The repo is over proofed at 110. We give  it a 4.5 outta 5


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