Roquefort Anejo Filet Mignon

I was putting together a Casa Noble tequila tasting and wanted to have some really special dishes to pair with the ages of tequila. I had some ideas but wanted something over the top when I got the idea to hit up Dave Yan, the marketing director for Casa Noble for some inspiration. He pushed me in the direction to a Roquefort Steak but instead of using wine or brandy in the sauce, use tequila. I scoured the internets for a recipe to do the sauce and combined it loosely with my Steak Brava recipe. It was tough to pan sear a steak in butter instead of cooking it on the grill but this turned out to be one of the best steaks I’ve cooked…period. I also couldn’t bring myself to use Casa Noble’s Anejo, its too nice of a liquor to cook with so I used my last bit of Cazadores Anejo. There is sooo much flavor, but your never bogged down in it. The fresh ingredients and roasted the vegetables brings out that amazing caramelized goodness. Its shown here served with roasted brussel sprouts and some brown rice but I’ve tested it with roasted potatoes and asparagus that was equally delicious. For our Casa Noble night I’ll go back to a couple of roasted potato wedges cooked in duck fat with a spear or two of blanched asparagus.

*I’ve mentioned my wife is a vaginatarian…I mean vegetarian so her portion was done with a portabella cap but cooked in the same manner as the filet

Ingredients – Serves 2

-2 filets, portabella caps, or similar
-2 tbsp butter
-2 tbsp Anejo tequila
-1/2c Heavy Cream
-1.5oz Roquefort or Maytag Blue Cheese
-3 cloves of garlic, roasted and diced
-3 Serrano Peppers, roasted and diced


-Heat a pan with a some butter, when the butter starts to foam add your steaks/portabella’s.
-Sear both sides and remove from heat
-In the same pan with the heat turned down add the tequila and swirl through the pan to deglaze.
-Add the cream and stir until it sticks to the back of a spoon
-Mix the cheese in until its melted, add the garlic, serrano peppers, salt and pepper
-When melted use immediately and pour onto the steaks/mushrooms.
-Drink with a glass of exquisite Anejo, Casa Noble isn’t a bad choice btw.


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