Happy Birthday to us!!!

This last week we celebrated our 1 year birthday! Tequila and Negra Modelo’s all around. Apparently we were to busy celebrating to mark the actual date (April 22nd) so it comes a week late. I guess it needed to sink in for a bit to believe we’ve actually made it this far. It’s been an interesting journey that honestly I had no idea of what this page would become or what we would be doing. The page made an evolution from being strictly restaurant and hole-in-the-wall reviews to covering recipes and product reviews like the mass of Tequila bottles that now grace this page. We’ve even had some out of town reviews including our infamous COS Gary Owen Dining facility post from Iraq.

A lot has happened in this last year outside of tsunami’s, oil spills and uprising in the middle east. While everything “outside” is frightening and unknown its nice to have a place to find something good…and Mexican. This year brought changes to our community. Our first post about Mama’s taqueria became irrelevant when they closed their doors a few months ago. We’ve gained some new restaurants, Rio Nuevo at Northpoint mall, Cheeky at the Avenue’s in Cumming, and saw a barrage of new south-of-the-border alcohol offerings cross the border.

So, moving forward into the future what can we expect? Way more reviews! We’re at 43 posts and this coming year I’d like to have a consistent 2 posts per week equaling 100+ posts with more recipes, food reviews and of coarse Beer and Tequila. To celebrate this week were going to make posts until my fingers bleed on the keyboard. So stay tuned for some bigger and better postings, tequila and dinner tastings, recipes to an essential party, and of coarse the usual reviews.  So thanks for the last year, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have and I’d love to hear some more feedback.

Our blowout, epic post is coming…hint, hint. Two words, Casa Noble.


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