Taqueria at the Conyers Exchange

The other day for lunch we decided to venture out from our coworkers who consistantly go to the same 4 places week after week and drove a bit into Conyers to hit a little dive. You know the place, run down strip mall with some generic name you cant remember, usually with a goodwill, a carniceria and a place for alterations. This one was called the Conyers Exchange Shopping center. The taqueria didn’t even have a name just the typical sign labelled “Taqueria”. By location alone, this place had to rock.

We walked in to the warmth of wood paneling and molded plywood boothes complete with “hugger orange” accents. The Hugger Orange reference should take you back to the 70’s when Conyer’s was the rockin’ place to be. But who cares about decor we’re here to eat taco’s.

I ordered 3 tacos, carnita’s, lengua, and al pastor. They came out minutes later and I immediately dove into the Carnita’s. It was cooked perfectly and teamed up with the right amount of chopped cilantro and onion. The slightly grilled corn tortilla was a plus. For this area it was a great taco, not the best but still pretty damn good. Next I tried the Lengua (tongue) which was also pretty good, I’d rate it the same as the carnita’s. Everything was there but the flavor was a tick off from my ideal. Lastly I tried the Al Pastor, usually this is just some grilled pork under the veil of the exquisite Al Pastor. This one was spot on. Likely sliced from a spit in the back, complete with bits of pineapple and orange spices that were dry, moist, sweet, savory and any other foodism you can come up with. This was the pick of the litter. Next time I go back it’ll be a round of these possibly in a tortas.

If your in the area, its a no brainer to go try. I wouldn’t drive across Atlanta for it but it easily earns a 4 outta 5 


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