Ain’t nothing to look at but its whats inside that counts

This could be one of the best tequila deals that you’ve never seen. It is a bottle I’ve read nothing but wonderful things about and its so unassuming that chances are you’ve seen it but haven’t. Everything about Muchote flies under the radar. The bottle has that square old west medicinal look complete with brown glass. The label is a simple paper label which believe it or not actually got nice than the one in my cabinet. Even the website has that certain librarian feel to it. In a world on increasing fashionista bottlings, Muchote gets lost in the field. But lets talk juice here, who cares what the bottle looks like. It’s whats inside that counts.

The readers and editors over at gave it a score of 94 – Outstanding. Its won multiple awards, gold medals and standouts at the lauded Spirits of Mexico festival. Not too shabby for a bottle that comes in under $30 bucks. Its just that reason I’m loving this Tequila. Its a complete bargain, I paid 27.99 and its giving a run to some bottles that float around in the mid 40’s.

We tasted it out of a Riedel and upon swirling it brings out a line of pearls that Kaye Jewelers would be jealous of. These lead to slow tears that look slightly oily. The nose immediately brings out the agave and vanilla with little hints of orange and cherry. You can smell the alcohol and perhaps a bit of mint or menthol but its so slight it’s almost not worth mentioning. The taste is extremely smooth with zero burn or heat. This is a really refreshing tequila, especially since my palette has been going for hotter repo’s lately. The agave and vanilla standout as well as the oak and mild spice. The finish lingers with oak and agave then leaves quietly but leaving you wanting more, in a good way.

The verdict if you couldn’t tell already is to go out and buy it. Its a great sipper and if you’ve had a chance to make my Paloma recipe below you’d know it’s a great mixer too. It easily earns the 5 outta 5 chaka’s and will always have a place in my liquor cabinet.

Muchote Tequila Reposado


2 Responses to “Ain’t nothing to look at but its whats inside that counts”

  1. Troy Says:

    From some of your posts I think you must live in the Atlanta area. Do you know what liquor store I might find Muchote? The only distributor only distributes to Gwinnett being the closest metro, but I was looking to see if you knew somewhere in Dekalb or Fulton I might find it?

  2. elcazadordetaco Says:

    I used to live in the Atlanta area, I still head back about 1-2 weekends a month. I’m not as familiar with DeKalb but Muchote is popping up more and more but I’ve only seen it at these locations.

    Sigman Bottle Shop, Conyers

    Total Wine, Alpharetta in Northpoint mall

    Fairway Package, Duluth off P’tree Industrial Blvd.

    I cant remember if Holiday Package off Buford Hwy has it. Same with Green’s Beverage in Downtown. Post your findings and let us know how you like it. Thanks for reading.

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