Patron Verticle Flight Tasting- Where’d the flavor go?

We’ve done some Tequila reviews here but they’ve been brands that don’t get much attention nationally. While we’ve developed a fairly impressive tequila selection at the Boots household we dont have any brands that are known by “the man on the street.” Patron is a fairly pricey brand and when I have the chance to taste the mini “aeroplane” bottles, I do and this was one of those times.

Both my wife and I have had plenty of Patron in the past but its always been in Margarita’s, mixers or shots. Certainly some of the difficult ways to judge the true quality of the juice. Red’s Liquors down the street from us has a pretty basic Tequila selection but they’ve had a pack of Patron mini’s for $16 for some time now and tonight we were in the mood to sip on some new tequila. To make everything fair we sipped out of Riedel Tequila glasses. On to the juice…

The Blanco- Almost nothing on the nose. It was really reminiscent of a lot of the recent premium vodka’s out there where the multiple distillations make  a very clean, pure and smooth product. Because of this we could barely pick out any agave, citrus or even alcohol notes. The taste followed completely inline to the nose. A little burn on entry but still very smooth and little flavor. After finishing the glass I was left bored. Keep in mind this is about a $35-40 bottle. For that much coin we’ve had far better blanco’s. I’d drink it if there were no other 100% agave’s at the bar but it seems better suited for shots and mixers.

The Repo- This was an extremely light straw color. While you can see the aging, Herradura’s Blanco (aged for 45 days) is actually darker. Once again I suspect excessive distillations pulled all the color, taste and nose out of it. I thought it smelled how the blanco should have with slightly more of the agave and citrus on the nose. You still really had to work to get these flavors to come out. Again, we were bored.

The Anejo- Now where talking. Finally some little bit of revelation for the brand. The Anejo was easily the best of the brand. You can really see how all these are made inline to each other, there really is a family feel to the brand. The flavor profiles, look, and nose are all there, slightly increasing as you go through the ages. This Anejo had the most agave of the bunch and the aging gave a lightly mellowed feel with a touch of warmth and oak.

Conclusion- This brand costs $35-55 depending on the age, for that money I better not be bored with it. Patron marketing machine has made the world understand that “premium” and “tequila” can go hand in hand and for that I’m thankful. It drives the prices down for the rest of us and increases the availability of other brands. It seems all that marketing is going for the premium mixer and shots crowd and with these tasting notes, thats a major success. As a sipper, I’d look elsewhere. For this price there are far better choices and we’ve had bottles that cost half as much provide more excitement and complexity.

the brand- 2 outta 5
Reds Liquor’s- 3 outta 5 good prices and decent selection

Reds Beverage Emporium
270 South Main Street
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(770) 664-7337 ‎


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