Cielo Blanco for $20 bucks!!!

So today I was running some errands that brought me by Toco Giant in North Druid Hills. I dont think I’ve been here in about 10 years and decided to stop in and do a little deal seeking and treasure bottle hunting. They have a slightly better selection of tequila’s than your average package store, mainly in that there isn’t an aisle of good stuff and an aisle of Cuervo. They had this bottle of Cielo marked down from $46.99 to $19.99. How could you not right? I’ve tasted their Anejo and enjoyed it so the blanco couldn’t be that bad. On to the tasting…

I get a slight bit of smoke on the nose along with some floral and agave notes. I can also pull out some banana but overall the nose is pretty strong with alcohol so I think it’s hiding something that maybe some more time breathing will bring out. As I poured a second glass I got something like those cherry lip balms you see 8 year olds wearing. Its kind of like a fake cherry scent, almost Dr. Pepper-ish. It also got sweeter in the nose than before with hints of vanilla. Upon twirling the glass you immediately get some legs that run quick but also an array of pearls that follow with even more slower running tears. The taste starts a bit sweet and gets pretty hot quickly. That alcohol is right up front but its also coupled with agave. Its a little oily and that harsh attack up front gives way to a mellow, slightly salty, creamy finish. Its funny as much bite as this has, its pretty mild and light at the same time. I think the creaminess in the finish that lingers cleans this one up.

I’m really on the fence on this one. If I had paid the full price, I wouldn’t be too happy. Like run over by a dump truck full of agaves pissed. I guess its just not speaking to me. I’ve had other blanco’s that I like better for less monies. I’ll try whipping up some cocktails with it and see how it works as a mixer, which I think it’ll work great with. Its easily worth the $20 I paid and at that price I’d consider another. We’ll just have to see how long that deal goes for.

The Tequila- 2.5 outta 5
Toco Giant- 4 outta 5 -a better selection would easily yield a 5


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