Rosangel Cosmo

No it wasn’t for me, Yes it was good, No I didn’t make another for me, Yes it reaffirmed the expense of the bottle, No I still dont enjoy it straight.

Amy had a killer week at school so I fixed her up with a cocktail so could relax a little. She downed the Cosmo while I had a glass of Espolon Repo. I guess the recipe is above but your looking for a review here. The recipe that came from Rosangel’s web site came out a little too bitter. I think I might have put slightly more lime in than what was called for but I fixed it with a splash of cranberry (for your prostate you know?) I also used Patron’s Orange Liqueur, which smells like something that could power a jet boat but tastes pretty good. I usually use it for Margarita’s and other mixers since I cant bring myself to use Grand Marnier for anything other than sitting in a glass maybe accompanying some rocks.

For me it cements the fact that this bottle is better as a mixer than a sipper. I cant get it out of my head that this isn’t really in the same category as a tequila. Its def. more of a cordial. We’ll continue to hit some more recipes with it including the Margarita which I’m excited to try. Until then, make one for your lady while the real agaves are calling you.

2     oz      Rosangel
2     oz      Cranberry Juice
1/2 oz     Orange Liquor
1      oz      Fresh Lime Juice


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