Don Julio- Its a family affair

So I was eyeballing some tequila a few weeks ago when I came upon possibly the greatest invention of all time. These tiny 50ml bottles of tequila. For whatever reason this liquor store was stocked full of tons of brands and I picked up the whole Don Julio line for $12. Now I can get a taste and decide whether its worth it to drop the coin for any of their bottles for a fraction of the cost. I know I like their Anejo but the other 2 I’d have to take someones word on. Anyway were continuing the tequila week and tonight we’re blogging live as we taste. Although by the time you read it, it’ll be all done and read like any old post. All are being tasted out of white wine glasses for the record. Off to the juice…

The Blanco- Beautiful little pearls have from with some vigorous twirling of the glass that are ever so slightly forming into slow legs dripping down the glass. On the nose we’re getting heavy agave,  semi-trucks full crossing the border heavy. Amy’s saying a warm Mexican beach and chips and salsa. She’s never been to the beach in Mexico so what would she know? I did and all I saw were flea ridden dogs and a dead body…no shit. Theres this thick gooey vegetal thing going on and Salt (Amy was right, dont tell her it’ll go to her head). I’m also getting some citrus and floral notes. There’s also a bit of chemical-ish something to it like rubbing alcohol, maybe acetone. I dont do my nails so I wouldn’t know. Its got a salty taste too. The agave has faded and isn’t as prominent as on the nose. I’m getting a little smoke, Amy got a slight musk and its got a chewy feel to it. Overall its really smooth, if thats your thing and  has a decently long finish with some warmth that sticks with you. Its a very neat and clean tequila but I dont know if I’d be dropping $40 bucks on a bottle anytime soon. We were kind of bored with it, maybe we’re not drunk yet but we still have 2 more glasses and a liquor full of other choices. 3 outta 5 chakas

The Repo- Right off the bat after sticking my schnoz in each of these ages. I like the repo the best. Holy Shit! this ones talking to me. I’d make love to it but theres not a lot left and my wifes here. The pearls form exactly the same as the blanco but the legs run a good bit quicker, hopefully its not a sign to come. The nose starts almost as heavy as the blanco but with added vanilla, oak and caramel from the aging. Still the same vegetal and floral notes with bits of lime and citrus. There is a definitive earthiness in the taste, maybe the oak is giving that up. Its very smooth with the slightest alcohol tingle and a medium length finish. So far were digging this way more than the blanco. Its complex enough to be difficult to pull flavors from the taste and nose. There is a bitter salt on the initial taste but its in no way offensive. Its actually quite refreshing to have a taste I’ve never seen in a tequila before. This could possibly be a picker upper but its a couple notches down on the list of to-buy’s. 4 outta 5 chaka’s

The Anejo- Over here the pearls hold for a bit longer than the repo but the legs run somewhere in between the repo and blanco. Its like the baby bears porridge. I gotta say, so far the nose has increasingly gotten more complex as we move through the line. This Anejo builds upon the previous ages and for some reason I’m pulling asparagus or brussel sprouts out of it, it almost hoppy. Theres a bit more chemical than the repo but more vanilla and oak. The taste is very similar to the repo but with a bit more punch and oak. There’s more tingle and cinnamon and the finish lasts longer than the other 2. Tonight it wasn’t as good as previous ventures into this bottle so we’re going with a 3 outta 5 chaka’s

Its clear the winner is the repo. I’ve had great experiences with the Anejo in the past and its always been that great creamy sweet sipper but tonight our pallets were all over the repo. Even after smelling the empty glasses, we went straight for the repo. I’d be interested in trying this again in a few months and see the results. We think Don Julio is a solid line and its available everywhere. So for most this is some of the best stuff on the shelf depending on where you live but if your staring down the triplets go for the middle sister and she’ll treat you just right. even Cee Lo agrees.


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