Bring on the Espolon Repo

We just keep on keepin’ on. Today were going bargain, like $20 bucks a bottle bargain. How about them apples? We’ll just start by saying this bottle is a steal. A few years ago Espolon used to have a metal label in a tall glass bottle and it cost about $40 bucks. If you look around you can still find these “treasure” bottles tucked behind all the new stuff and typically covered in dust. Supposedly this juice is phenomenal, but I wouldn’t know, never had it. If its as good as the new stuff, complete with its new bottle, Steven Noble artwork and new branding, I’ll clean out the shelves. We didn’t taste the blanco, only the repo. Theres also an Anejo floating around, its just a bit harder to find but usually if your local packy has the repo they’re also sporting the blanco. On to the juice.

The Repo- I’m really diggin’ the bottle. Its a clean simple bottle with some great “day of the dead” artwork going on. Each of the ages sports slightly different artwork too. Amy said it looks like something Jack Sparrow would have tucked in a pocket, never mind pirates drank rum and not tequila. We poured it into our standard white wine glass that works great with everything from blanco’s to anejo’s. Immediately I got some cinnamon  and pepper, for some reason the color red kept coming to mind as I was sniffing. As we swirled it notes of vanilla, agave and a spicy oak came out to play. I even detected a bit of lemon meringue. The swirling produced a nice line of pearls and some quick to get back to the pool of juice tears. Can you blame them? While we could pull some interesting notes out of the nose, it had nothing on the taste. Its a bit spicy in the mouth but by no means harsh. Notes of spice, pepper, oak and it finished with some sort of agave cream. The finish held,  not too long and not too quick. Here comes the baby porridge comment again…kidding. This is a great, el cheapo repo that I wouldn’t mind sipping 3-4 glasses and not even thinking about it.

The bottom line? $20 bucks a bottle…what the hell are you waiting for? 4 outta 5 Chaka’s. and I cant wait to get my hand son the blanco.


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