Herradura Anejo

It must be Tequila week around here, 3 reviews in as many days. I picked this bottle up for my wifes birthday a week ago and we finally got to cracking it open. We’ve had it before at Cheeky back in November and I said I was going to review it here. Guess what…”I lied” kind of. Turns out I must have drank too much cause I cant really remember it. On top of that it was chilled which totally throws off the taste. So here goes.

I’m tasting it out of a deep bowled white wine glass. It swirls with some nicely formed pearls that turn into tears/legs after a few seconds and slowly glide down to the golden pool of Anejo at the bottom. On the nose you can instantly tell its been aged in bourbon/whiskey barrels. Quickly I start to pick up the vanilla and oak that is inherent to any decent Anejo’s. The next note I pull out is banana followed by agave. Its definitely on the fruity side with a bit of vegetal-ness going on. I’m sure you think I’m on the fruity side now with all the shit spewing from my mouth. All of the flavors in the nose transfer over easily to the pallet. Oak, agave, not necessarily banana but definitely a sweet type of fruit, kind of tropical. Its very smooth but finishes with a slight tinge of alcohol but its by no means harsh, just a lil’ spice in the finish.

At $40-something a bottle, there are some better choices out there. However, not all of them are as widely available as Herradura. Its sold just about everywhere and the pricing stay within a few bucks between the mega-packy’s and the mom and pop shops. The bottomline is this is a great sipper and should never be mixed unless you like paying $15 for a cocktail and it easily earns its 4 outta 5 chaka’s.


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