Rosangel Tequila -the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for alcoholics?

My wife has been eyeballing this bottle for months. Everything about it calls her name every time we’re in a liquor store. If we’re standing in front of the Tequila I can always catch her eye going for its Art-Deco glass work, pink hue and the angelic painting front and center. At $30-40 a bottle (the Tequila prices here in Ga are all over the place) we’ve never owned up to putting the coin down. Well Valentine’s day is a special occasion so I owned up. Thank god the package store didn’t have Chinaco Repo or I would’ve had to try and sell that purchase. I dont like giving the standard expected gifts so this was a creative way to “give roses” but still have something unique and very us. The bonus? While all the other lame-asses were buying the picked over flowers at the grocery store I was buying limes and mixers.

This bottling takes Gran Centanario’s repo which is aged for 11 months in oak and is already a nice tequila. Then they age it for two more months in port barrels and infused with hibiscus flowers. The port gives it that pinkish hue and the hibiscus adds floral notes to the nose and flavor.

We poured it into a Reidel Ouverture glass neat, swirled it and stuffed our noses into it. Immediately we got the sweet floral notes. I couldn’t tell the difference between hibiscus or roses but it was def. floral. Oak, port wine and vanilla crept out as well although they took a bit longer and with some more swirling of the contents. The longer the glass sat, the more aroma came out. I could see pouring this and letting it sit for twenty minutes before drinking. There was also a bit of agave but the other flavors took center stage. Overall the nose was pretty complex on this. All of the flavors from the nose were on the pallet early on. You still knew you were tasting tequila but with a little extra something something. It finished with a little alcohol burn and a lot of pepper. The pepper lasted all the way through the finish. This will sound bad but I got some cough syrup in the mix towards the end that made me think if this bottle was going to have siblings after its demise.

Screw the foodie nerd shit, we came here to drink right? I dont think its a drink I’ll be having neat. I’d rather reach for some tequila or make a cocktail. So we did. Rosangel’s website has a few recipes that feature this bottling and after looking over the fridge we settled on the Rosangel Pink Lemonade.

1 oz Rosangel
4oz Pink Lemonade
1/2oz Grenadine
1/2oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Pour over ice in a highball and add a slice of lemon.

It was a tasty cocktail perfect for the surprisingly warm day we had today although I would add a bit more Rosangel since it was pretty light on booze. So its a bona fide mixer for us but we love drinking fine spirits and nothing in our liquor cabinet that costs this much gets mixed. So its kind of an enigma here. Its like tequila but not, almost like how Gran Marnier is cognac but its a liqueur and I think thats where Rosangel’s heart is. I love Gran Marnier on the rocks, way more so than neat. So what about serving it on the rocks? I think it might really do something for it here. For now we’ll leave this review open pending pouring this “enigma” on the rocks but currently its 3 outta 5 chaka’s.


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