Back to Los Torta’s


The other day I found myself down the street from one of my fav taco joints, Los Torta’s and couldn’t help but swing in. I was hungry and wanted to get home so I knew I’d be eating in the car so I picked up one of their Torta’s Loco’s. This is a huge change, I’ve been eating here for years and have always gotten the taco’s. They’re just too damn good to pass up.

As you might have gathered by now I’m a sucker for pork, especially when its stewed for hours like the Cochinita Pibil Torta I ordered. They filled it exactly like their tacos with pickled red onion, puerco, and a spoonful of juices but with the sandwich they added some strips of white farmers cheese. It was absolutely perfect. The bread was a toasted white sandwich roll that was nice a crusty, crunchy and whatever C-word that ends in y you want to add on there. The cheese was nice and mild and added a touch of creaminess to the Torta. As usual the pork was bountiful in juices and flavor. Local cochinita pibil offerings tend to be overly sweet but this was perfectly savory with a slight hint of sweetness. The achiote really brought out the red color and you could pull the taste of cumin and garlic out easily.

It was big enough for me to cover two meals so it was lunch in the car ride home and breakfast the following day. Once again Los Torta’s delivers…twice. 5 outta 5 chaka’s.


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