Cant remember the name and I wasn’t even drinking

Quick Review!!! Since I wasn’t drinking and it must’ve messed with my mojo, I cant remember any details.

Over the holiday break I was in Los Angeles for a night (too bad cause I was dying for some killer Mexican) and was cruising around downtown L.A. at about 11pm. I had my fill of In’n’Out at lunch (killer fast-food burgers btw if your in town) and there wasn’t anything quick, cheap and appetizing nearby so I swung in and braved the short line for some street taco’s. This place is across the street from the Mayan Theater if that helps. For the life of me I cant remember the name not that it really matters. Although this is pretty much an Atlanta based blog I try to give some reviews when I’m out of town in case any of you peruse other locals.

This place is a bona-fide hole in the wall. The kind thats right up my alley. Although the pic sucks (as usual, gotta do something about that), theres a Carne Asada and a Al Pastor taco there with some of their verde sauces. Everything had a thin greasiness on it from the tortilla’s to the fillings and this went for all the tacos. Thank god the flavor was there and it was everything a street taco needed to be. Quick, cheap and tasty. Try it out you wont be disappointed and this place earns a solid 3.5 outta 5. Ya dig


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