Don Julio 1942

Totally stole that pic but I wasn’t able to get anywhere as nice of a shot when we tried the Don Julio 1942. I’m just gonna say this now but 2011 is the year of tequila. So Happy New Year and I’m congratulating myself on the first post of the year that is a really special tequila. I’ve promised some tequila reviews in previous posts and really need to get cracking on some reviews of some recent bottles we’ve snatched recently. I now have more tequila in the cabinet than any other single type alcohol and that will keep getting worse as the year moves along. So here goes Don Julio 1942

This is probably one of the nicest tequila’s I’ve ever had the chance to wet my lips with. We sampled this (not dropping $100 on a tequila without tasting it first) at Cans in Crabapple along with a Corozon Anejo. Not that you can compare the two as theres easily a $60 price difference but the Corozon was a really nice Anejo for the coin but we’re not here to talk Corozon we want to dive into a real treasure of Don Julio.

Upon smelling the nose on this bad boy you would swear your drinking a liquor or cognac. Bam big hits of vanilla and caramel, very sweet. In fact its so good, if I could shrink down and fit in the glass I’d swim around in there for days. Swirling it in the glass produced a nice coating with legs and pearls. Wow this is almost sounding like a ZZ Top jam. Everything you pick up in the nose translates directly to your palette, the honey, vanilla, butter and slight oakiness. Even though its aged for over 2 years DJ still managed to keep that crisp agave flavor and get this ZERO burn. This is some extremely refined juice and so smooth. Smooooooth….. (thats all you brother).

If your familiar with DJ’s Anejo, just  imagine that aged and refined another couple of steps with all the flavors that pop out of the Anejo being amplified and you have Don Julio 1942. Its totally big brother/little brother and is completely worthy of the 5/5 rating. Now to go out and a pick up a bottle for our collection.


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