Pacho’s in Covington

I’ve been eating here on and off for the last 2 years and its easily the best Mexican in Covington. I wont even review the other one since I’ve never had a good meal there. Its very standard fair complete with the Speedy Gonzales lunch special that plagues Mexican restaurants. Outside of whats mentioned on this post I wont review it since I dont plan on going back. The only reason I’ve been back more than 1-2 times is co-workers suggesting it for lunch after I’ve already committed to going to lunch. I guess I’m a sucker sometimes.

First off I’ve had a few different meals here, most of it is of the generic variety but over the last couple of months they’ve added some more eclectic items with a more authentic flair. My first couple of visits here I ordered Shredded beef Taco’s ala carte that were fantastic. They were so good I decided to give the fish tacos a shot. Its a good thing I didnt have the fish on my first visit or I would have never come back. They were overcooked almost to the point of fried tilapia jerky and then covered with so much seasoned mayo Hellman’s stock prices go up every time someone orders them. One little thing here is they bring out a roasted salsa with the chips along with their standard red salsa. Its got a great smokey flavor with a fresh pungent taste. Definitely a bonus.

I’ll also apologize for the pics, I was using a cell phone and couldn’t get  a decent pic to save my life.


Yesterdays grub of choice was the Taco’s de Carne Deshabrada. I was going to opt for the ala carte Shredded Beef taco’s that I always get but decided to veer a bit when I saw their seasonal specials. They were corn tortilla’s stuffed with shredded brisket and topped with some chopped onion and cilantro just how I like them. They were served with some charro beans on a nice colorful simple plate. Overall they were very mild. None of the flavors stood out including the beef which is normally great. It was moist and plentifully stuffed but just lacked flavor. The onion and cilantro didnt have that pungent bite of freshness that is normally in authentic styled taco’s like these. After the first one I resorted to added a bit of their roasted salsa to give a little punch of flavor. The tortilla’s had a greasy feel to them like they decided to fry them but took them out of the oil after 5 seconds. All in all I’d give them a 2.5 out of 5 but if your limited to Covington they’d get a 3.5 out of 5. Good but not great, fresh but not fresh enough.

Now their Shredded Beef taco’s that I get ala cart are the cats arse. There are some issues that i’ll get to but after my first bite I was reminded of El Gallito in Cathedral City, Ca, which is a great thing by the way. It was the way all the ingredients worked together in taste and smell. It brought me back to trips out to the desert in California in which we’d always stop at El Gallito for dinner. It was always the start of a great weekend hoofing around the desert chasing cubbies of quail. They are filled with shredded beef and cheese, tomato and lettuce. Simple but it works. The beef has some great flavor thats been steeped with onion, garlic and some cumin. The cheese has a mild flavor that adds a bit of silkiness to it and the fresh, cold tomato and lettuce cool it down. One of the only downfalls is in the shell. They use a shell that is the same you would get buying old el paso boxed crap and it just dampers everything leading into a truly great taco. One other thing I noticed was the inconsistency in the flavors from different visits. Sometimes the beef takes on different personalities. One day being the cute girl next store, one being that bland quiet girl you sat next to in biology. Make sure you get the Shredded and not ground beef and you’ll taste the best taco’s in Covington. 4 outta 5 chaka’s.

Overall I’d give the place a 3 out of 5. Some standout items shine, most are simple tex mex but its far better than other Mexican restaurants in the area. Either way you wont be disappointed, just dont order the generic stuff and splurge a bit. If worse comes to worse they stock Don Julio so have a couple glasses and you’ll feel better.


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