Amanda’s Fonda Mexican in COS

For Dinner we hit up Amanda’s Fonda Mexican Restaurant. It was one of the places that had some good reviews online and my brothers wife had heard some great things about it as well. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera (again!!!) to snap any pics of the food and pics online are far and few. The place has that kitschy Mexican feel thats both cozy and annoying at the same time. The place has been there for a while and it shows, this is neither good nor bad. We wanted to sit outside since it was nice out  and it had a nice view of a creek that winded behind the patio so we hit the bar while we waited for a table. A round of cerveza’s (do you guys ever stop drinking?) and a house margarita later we were seated. The beer was bottled and cold so it of coarse was good. The house margarita…not so much. Too much sweet and sour and swill tequilla equals a case of hiccups. It came out of a spout  from one of those square stationary pitchers that mixes whatever is in it so I guess I should have known. It wasn’t for me but it got passed around and our army of gullets didn’t finish it.

The menu had its share of traditional and generic Mexican fare and all of us ordered a barrage of items. Most of the dishes were good not great. My brother had the chicken enchilada’s covered in mole which was very good. The chicken was moist and not dry and the mole had that home-grown really complex taste that a good mole should have. I had their Tostada’s topped with a spicy shredded beef. I dont remember what they were called on the menu but they did warn gringo’s about eating them. Usually this is a rouse to ward off amateur foodsmiths but this time they were plenty spicy. No don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t downing glass after glass of whatever liquids were in front of me but it was plenty spicy. Once again the meal was good but not great. Other orders were a Shredded beef chimichunga (OK), carnita’s (OK), and my dad ordered the Carna Asada. This easily was the best meal we ordered. It was nice and thin and had flavor to last for days. It was marinated in something with garlic and cilantro as those were the flavors that pronounced themselves the most.

I would go back, I’d order the Steak, and I’d sit outside. Unless the weather was nice out and I wanted a couple of beers as well, I dont know how often I’d frequent this place. The reviews online had both searing bad and the greatest thing since sliced bread reviews. I would place it in the middle, giving it 3 out of 5 chaka’s. Like I said, most of the food was good but not great. The prices were fair given some of the unique and complex dishes, in the $6-14 range. Since I dont live in the COS area I cant say if comparatively this is better or worse than other options since I’ve eaten at one other place there (next post) on the other side of town.


2 Responses to “Amanda’s Fonda Mexican in COS”

  1. Greg Says:

    I have to agree, Amanda’s Fonda was good but not great. It perplexes me that the locals constantly rate it as the best place to go, clearly they have never had authentic Mexican cuisine and I will tell them all to take a road trip to Tijuana with a side note to bring extra toilet paper. I believe the local tijuana name for T.P. is papel de mierda. The Carne Asada was delectable though. I don’t know if I would go as far as shooting the cook to balance out the culinary equilibrium though. In my eyes COS needs all the good south of the border cooks it can get!

    • elcazadordetaco Says:

      Thank you Greg for your agree-ance (totally not a word but Fred Durst is a dank trendsetter in the contemporary american vernacular) to my post on Amanda’s. Maybe we should join forces and assault the COS area with some WDD of Mexican delights. Since you are obviously a fine connoisseur of COS-area Mexican joints maybe you would like to review El Taco Del Ray since that was going to be my next review.

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