The Taco hunter takes the Taco Van on the road and hits up some grub at Mi Cocina in N. Dallas

So we were in North Dallas over the weekend and in the little bit of time tried to combo Dallas’ eats with home-cooking. We were really excited to get some Mexican in but the only chance we had was at Mi Cocina. Its a small chain of high-end restaurants with a diverse menu and some more modern influences which come at a cost. If your in the area and want some cheapo grub this isn’t the place.

The interior was awesome, lots of textured walls and modern design everywhere. Almost all the wood was done in dark walnut and wenge and fixture were all stainless and chrome. They def. did a great job making it a luxurious take on Mexican cuisine. We went just after the lunch crowd so the vibe was still busy but you could tell the staff was in post-lunch chao’s mode.

Maybe I was indecisive but nothing on the menu was screaming at me. All the tacos were the standard chicken and beef that do nothing for me, and then I saw it.

Tacos “De Brisket” 11.95
Four Corn Tortillas with Shredded Brisket,
Oven Roasted Overnight, Queso Blanco,
Arroz, Ensalada and Sliced Avocado

That was it, I didn’t even look at the rest of it. As for a drink, Negro Modelo.

They were pretty damn good, I’ll give them 4 outta 5 chaka’s. The brisket had that lovely stewed in herbs and seasoning taste while being tender and juicy all the way through. Even though they only served uno tortilla’s per taco they held all that juiciness in and they were topped with a bit a cheese which normally I don’t like but it worked really well with this dish and they were stuffed full of meat. The rice was steeped with cilantro and had a nice flavor that was way more interesting than your standard Spanish rice that every single Mexican restaurant serves like they have no creativity and have to include it cause its the status quo. A plate full of avocado matches my mantra “A day without avocado is like a day without sunshine” thats how John Wayne said it right? The chips were good, not great but once again better than the de facto joint, and the salsa was a step above too.

If I was back in the Dallas area I’d definitely swing by again, although not without hitting up the smaller more Authentic places that my wife hates (vegetarian and the limited English usually means they screw up her order). Mi Cocina is a great place to go if your in the mood for some cocktails with some nice food in an above average atmosphere. Its a great place for a date or a business lunch your expensing.


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