Taco Van…explained

Last post I mentioned the Taco Van. Heres the dillio.

When we were kids my friends older brother had an early 80’s Chevy Panel van in a matte blue metallic. Matte well because its a nice way of saying the clearcoat wore off. That harsh California heat will do that. Anyway we used to jump in the back of it and go for rides typically to Taco joints, sadly either Taco Bell or Del Taco but we were like 10 so what the hell did our palets know? The part that was memorable was there were no seats, unless you counted the 2×10 pressure treated bench in the back…that wasn’t bolted down. You can imagine tearing around socal in the back of an 18 year olds van, on benches that were going every which way in the pursuit of tacos. I swear he wasn’t giving out candy. No pics survived but google was kind enough to give me this, which is way nicer but close enough.


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