Kicking Horse Coffee -Mexican


We’re coffee drinkers but not in the way that I want crude spewing from the pot and starting a multi-national billion dollar enterprise…or maybe I do? Anyhow, I tend to prefer medium roasts that have a bright somewhat acidic flavor that dont weigh me down. Costa Rican, Blue Mountain, and Kona blends are generally my favorites. They can be enjoyed anytime like in a to-go mug on the way to work, an sunday afternoon iced-coffee or an after dinner cup to compliment whatever sweet concoction I cook up.

That being said this Mexican blend by Kicking Horse is right up my alley. It’s high in flavor without being a cup of tar and the aroma throughout the house at 6am is intoxicating. Usually I buy some mid-grade Kona blend thats a light to medium roast but compared to this it was bland and lacked complex flavor.

I was introduced to it by Kevin at Stirling Coffee. He’s a bona-fide coffee guy and based on my past coffee choices he recommended this blend. I gotta say he was spot on in picking this. When I ordered from him he also spec’d a few other choices I really enjoyed too such as the Bugaboo. Between the Bugaboo and the Mexican, the Z-wrangler (which he also recommended) while a good cup couldn’t compare to these two, especially having them back to back. I highly recommend his company as the coffee was really fresh and his help in picking out blends I enjoy.

I know this isn’t exactly the standard post here but as Scotty likes to say, sometimes you gotta Shake it Up!


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