Fish Taco’s take one

This is the first of 2 fish taco recipes I’m posting, dont worry the other recipes/reviews I mentioned in other posts are coming shortly, its just been a hella busy couple of weeks including a trip to Dallas and you know I stopped for some Mexican in Dallas. I used Tilapia in this recipe because well… it was in the fridge. The best part about this recipe is its QUICK!!! I whiped it up in about 20 minutes and everything was made from scratch minus the tortilla’s. I chopped up a fast pico de gallo and pulled a sour cream based sauce out my ass to cool down the too spicy pico. This recipe is ripe for substitutions, chicken for fish, mango salsa for pico, sauce no sauce, you name it. Heres goes.

Rapido Fish  Taco’s

-2 filets of Tilapia
-1 med. yellow onion
-1 red bell pepper
-2 large tomatoes
-2 jalapeno’s
-1/2c sour cream
-1/3c cilantro
-couple pinches of ground cumin
-lime juice


Take the tilapia and season with a little lime and a pinch of cumin then set aside. Chop the tomatoes, jalapeno’s, onion, cilantro and red pepper coarsely. Set aside a small bit of the cilantro for the sauce. and combine the rest in a bowl, add lime juice and you’ve got yourself a basic pico.

Take the sour cream and place it in a small mixing bowl, add lime juice and cilantro to make a fast sauce that’ll give a nice cooling contrast to the taco’s.

Drop the tilapia in a saute pan on high with a teaspoon of oil in it and saute until browned or cooked through. When done you can either place it whole in some tortilla’s or shred it up like I did here. Top with pico and sauce and your good to go. Stupid easy…and quick fish tacos.

Next time we’ll do mahi with freshly fried shells and a chipotle mayo. We’re gonna make up from some lost time here and get a couple posts in through the weekend. Enjoy!


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