The Au Natural Margarita Johnny Boots stylee’

Every time I drink margarita’s en masse, I’m guaranteed a case of heartburn. Turns out theres a lot of you out there that pay for imbibing in such deliciousness. The culprit is the sweet and sour mix. Its high in sugar and the acidity wreaks havoc on your gut. I dont know about you but I like the tequilla to wreak havoc on my gut. So I did some searching for a more natural margarita and came across some recipes with promise but most were so-called “skinny girl margarita’s” and while I dont want to suck down 500 calories (the average margarita caloric intake) with every drink, I’m not some prissy bitch that needs to drink and count calories at the same time. Hell you gotta pay the piper some time.

So I sat down with a bottle of Cazadores (what else???) and mixed until I came up with something I liked. Heres the recipe.

2 parts tequila
1 part lime juice -freshly squeezed preferably
1 part agave syrup
splash of club soda

This is one bitchin’ margarita. I’m sipping one while writing this and enjoying this buzz, oh yeah the flavor too. Mix all that up and pour over ice and garnish with a lime. You can be like me and skip the lime ’cause you used all of them to season the fish taco’s in the background…Ohh Yeah!!!


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