Chipotle’s Carnita’s, its not hole-in-the-wall but pretty damn good

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it’s lame my second review is a chain restaurant but a lot of folks have never heard of or tried Chipotle and if theres no substitute, it’ll more than do. There is one around the corner from my casa so we venture there every so often. For a chain, it’s pretty good. I usually pick up their tacos filled with Carnita’s which is more of a shredded pork but its consistent and flavorful. Its good enough that I have never tried their chicken or steak which are both marinated (supposedly). The only other meat I’ve had is the Barbacoa which is a shredded beef thats slightly spicy (to my tastes) that is also pretty good.

Anyway, today it was carnita’s, on the patio, with a Dos Equis Lager (one of my fav. Mexican brews). The shells leave something to be desired, they’re somewhere between a premade, boxed Taco bell style shell and day old homemade shells. Better than most but far from fantabulous. Inside is a decent portion of shredded pork that has a mild flavor with a hint of juniper. Its fresh and flavorful without being overly seasoned and lets the true flavor of the meat shine through. If your new to tacos outside of ground beef it will definitely ease you in. Since they let you choose your salsa and fillings I add a bit of their green salsa (labelled medium on their spiciness scale) and some pico cause I’m a whore for tomatoes. I have them add some romaine lettuce which I end up picking most of it off and some shredded cheese. For some reason I really like their cheese. Its mild and has a great flavor thats not overpowering  like most cheddars in chain bought tacos. Sometimes I spring for guac, today I must have been cheap ’cause I didn’t.

They used to give you 4 hard shell tacos or 3 soft shell but apparently management has gotten into six sigma and nixed the extra hard shell. The cost is about $6 bucks which isn’t a killer deal but more than fair for quality food. Overall they get 2.5 Chaka’s, which sounds bad but I eat here about once a month so it really isn’t that bad. Its consistent for not too much coin so when your not in the mood to gamble lunch on the chance it’ll suck, Chipotle is a fine choice for me.


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