Outside of reviewing local taco joints I’ll periodically add my favorite recipes and products. Hopefully it’ll get the Canadians reading to stop buying Old El Paso and get some fresh ingredients in their cupboards. Canucks aside this is a killer recipe I’ve thrown together that always is a hit at parties and get togethers. I’ll guarantee it’ll get you laid or something. Seriously it’s that good. Its great for just dipping with chips or on some pork, chicken or fish tacos. Its pretty simple to prepare and the ingredients are just as simple, any Gringo should be able to find them at the nearest grocer. The hardest part is peeling the mangoes but I’ve found the perfect tool made by OXO that makes quick work of stubborn mangoes, even my in-laws can use it first time out. Theres a little technique to peel them, I’ll explain later that helps too.

The usual suspects aka the ingredients.

2 mangoes, ripe please
1 small to medium red onion
1 small red pepper
2-3 Jalapeños,  stemmed and seeded if your a wuss
1/2 cup of Cilantro
2-3 tbsp O.J. without the Ford Bronco
2-3 tbsp Lime juice
Salt, pepper and Cumin to taste.

You pretty much chop all those ingredients up and toss them in a bowl. Let them sit for about and hour, drink a cerveza, and come back to it. I like Xochitl chips, there nice and thin with fantastic flavor but they’re hell to find. Whole Foods has them all the time and Publix (if you’re in the south) has them sporadically. BTW whole foods is about the twice the price, about $5-6.

Almost forgot…the secret mango weapon. Made by OXO and its as good as any of their other products. You take the unpeeled mango and stand it on its butt. You take this thing like its shown in the pic, align it and push straight down. BAM! you’ve got yourself two slabs of mango and the pit. I usually squeeze the juice form the pit in the bowl so I’m not wasteful and toss the seed in the garden hoping and praying that it’ll survive winter and sprout a tree so I’m not spending a fortune on mangoes. Next, if you take a knife and slice down through the flesh but not piercing the skin in a grid it’ll allow you to pull the square shaped chunks from the seed and not have to peel it. I usually make the squares about 1/4″ to 1/2″  and chop them up a bit more. Now for the subliminally sexual pic.

Well there you have it, Johnny Boots Mango Salsa. I really need to start jarring this and selling it so I can ditch Georgia and get a thatch hut on the beach outside of La Paz. If you try it and like give me a shout out here or if it sucks for that matter yell at me.


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