Review – Mama’s Taqueria in Alpharetta, Ga

I’m breaking my review cherry!!! My first review spot was a little family run joint I pass on the way to the dog park. This time I didn’t have the dogs whining in the car to distract me. It was a nice little spot off highway 9 in the typical warm spanish hues of yellow, green and red with a nice patio (I couldn’t pass up eating outside on such a fine day) and more seating inside than it looked. The service was nice and quick, it was a quiet lunch and I was waited on by the owner. The chips and salsa were good, somewhere in between crappy jarred salsa and freshly made, and the chips were your standard indigenous Mexican fare chip. My overall dining experience was great, the weather definitely helped.

Now down to business…the tacos. I ordered 3 ala carte tacos all on double wrapped corn tortilla’s just like Johnny Boots likes it filled with Carnita’s, Pescado and Steak Al Carbon. Up front they were all better than any basic strip mall Mexican restaurant. Here’s the details.

Carnita’s – The first bite was a little dry, the second had great flavor and was nice and moist. The pieces of pork were a little larger than the carnita’s( it means little meat in Spanish) name suggests. It was topped in a proper manner of cilantro and onion and wrapped up in two corn tortilla’s that were all fresh. Overall I’ll give it 3 shaka’s and definitely give it another try when I go back which might retro upgrade it to a 4.

The Fish Taco – The pescado was also basic in all of its fish taco-ness. Usually I would have ordered this with a fried shell but the corn tortilla’s were speaking to me today. It comprised of fried tilapia, diced romaine lettuce and a red pepper sauce. It was served with a little more sauce than I would have preferred as it took away from the fish but the sauce stood on its own and had a nice spicy twang to it. A jar of it at the house wouldn’t last a week. The fish was cooked nicely, wasn’t to heavily fried and was juicy. Like the carnita’s I’ll peg this one with 3 shaka’s

Steak Al Carbon- This was my favorite of the bunch. The steak was cooked perfectly and had just a hint of teriyaki that added to the flavor without distracting from it. It was topped with a fresh roasted pico that matched up nicely to the rest of the flavors. You could taste each of the flavors without any one destroying the show. 4 shaka’s

Overall I’d definitely come back and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the rating change for the better. There were vegetarian options that looked interesting beyond lettuce, tomato and cheese in a shell and there are still some tacos I didn’t get to try. The menu also had some modern twists like a buffalo chicken, BLT, and some brunch tacos that while I wouldn’t try on my first run, could get a look down the line. The splash of teriyaki in the Al Carbon and one of the chicken tacos had Sirachi sauce in it shows that there’s an Asian flair lurking in this place and they’re not afraid of pushing some boundaries a bit. So this place is on my list to come back to and I’ll give it 3.5 shaka’s overall.

Later this week we’ll look at my Mama’s inspired Asian taco twist with a batch of wonton tacos made that are only Mexican in name. Thanks for following and check back soon.


One Response to “Review – Mama’s Taqueria in Alpharetta, Ga”

  1. Greg Says:

    Dude, we are going to eat shit tons of tacos next spring. Get Finn in on a Mexican trip centered around tacos, the beach, and booze.

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