Hello world!

Thanks WordPress for hosting me!

My name is John and I used to hail from southern California. Being raised in socal gave me the chance to sample tons of the worlds greatest foods in “the” melting pot of the country. Something I immediately took a liking to was the indigenous taco. I fell in love. Everything changed after that. I become a certified taco hound searching the entire lower california basin for the best taco’s, whether it be from a hole-in-the-wall taqueria, restaurant or grease truck.

As I was about finished mapping the road to carnita’s wrapped in corn tortilla’s, I moved just north of Atlanta, Ga. and I quickly found the taco scene to be lacking… Generic Tex-mex restaurants with the same bland salsa and queso drenched burrito plates stood in every strip mall where their numbers rivaled only Waffle House. Fortunately, the last couple of years an influx of modern Mexican cuisine and trendy taco bars has thrust the metro area into having some tasty taco joints and quelling my hunger so I don’t need a trip back to Cali to satisfy the urge.

This afternoon at lunch (over tacos no less) I decided I needed to create a page that rated all the different places I end up at on a seemingly daily basis for fellow transplants and taco lovers that thirst for that authentic carne asada wrapped in a corn tortilla with a couple of pinches of onion and cilantro, the “proper” way. Thus the Taco Hunter is born or shall I say El Cazodor De Taco.



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